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Sign, Seal and Deliver

We aim to revolutionize DMS (document management system) with our proprietary blockchain.
With three priority products (eSign, Certificates and Drive) DoxyChain offers an easy to use web3 SaaS for signing
documents and agreements, certification creation and file storage management.

A bridge between web2 and web3. Simplified.

We’re invested in keeping your data yours. Decentralized. Off the centralized web2 cloud.
Why? Because we want to make sure you actually get a real solution for your documents.

Easy Certificate Management

By using blockchain we are able to offer an impossible to manipulate record of your documents and certificates, with full transaction history ensuring clients benefit from transparency, security and privacy.

One platform, endless options

We are working hard on expanding our DMS playground for you. For now you can enjoy a top notch solution for eSign and tailored certification management along side our blockchain Drive.

PaaS for devs

Companies interested in using DoxyChain PaaS can sign up for a waiting list to be notified when the product becomes available, ensuring that they are among the first to access this powerful platform for building decentralized applications.

Why DoxyChain?

Simple UI, great UX & blockchain technology.

Even if you're completely new to web3 / have no prior blockchain experience, there’s no need to worry.
We’ve made it simple. You get to enjoy maximum security at minimum effort.

The blockchain

A natural bridge between legacy Web 2.0 and Web 3.0

Our solution built on a framework that powers Cosmos - Tendermint.


Blockchain technology is considered to be highly secure due to it being decentralized.


Having a secured digital ledger and the use of consensus mechanisms make it difficult for anyone to alter transactions.


Once a block of data is added to the blockchain, it cannot be altered or tampered with.


Anyone can participate in the network, validate transactions, and have access to the stored data, providing transparency and inclusivity.


The decentralized structure, cryptographic security, and consensus mechanisms provide transparency and immutability.


Multiple parties access, validate and add data to the same digital ledger in a decentralized manner, creating a shared and transparent system.
Thousands agree Doxychain is the #1 blockchain DMS solution

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If you care about security and privacy and want a decentralized solution we've got you covered with our eSign, Cetificates, Drive, PaaS, Explorer and other on-chain products.

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