Certify anything digitally and securely

Give your certificates real authenticity, traceability and avoid counterfeits or fraud. Certify your product, artwork, business accreditation, personal qualification or anything else.

It's unfalsifiable

Blockchain certificates are unfalsifiable because they are stored on a secure and decentralized ledger, which makes them tamper-proof due to the cryptographic hash functions used in each block and the chain of blocks.

Lifecycle management

You have full control. This includes tasks such as issuing, renewing, revoking and archiving certificates. Automation can aid in managing expiration dates, and automate the issuance, renewal and revocation processes.

Your design - Your template

Our platform offers customizable certificate templates that can be tailored to your specific needs. This allows you to create professional, branded certificates that align with your company’s visual identity and messaging.


With our Explorer you and your end users can enjoy easy and secure verification of the authenticity and integrity of each certificate.

Step 1

Easily create personalized certificates using your own unique template or select from predefined options. Easily add relevant data and customize features to suit your needs.

Step 2

Invite people or utilize API integration for bulk data uploads and seamless sharing with relevant parties. Experience simple, secure, and scalable certificate creation and issuance for your chosen recipients.

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