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DoxyChain Automates Certificates for TeenCrunch

Thanks to TeenCrunch's cooperation with DoxyChain, participants will receive blockchain certificates.
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DoxyChain & TeenCrunch

DoxyChain introduces automation and issuing of certificates for TeenCrunch participants.

In the current analog world, most certificates are printed, signed by authorized entities and sent to the end user by courier. Some companies have tried to go a step further and deliver them digitally as a scanned copy attached to an email. This is obviously just half the solution. The issuing entities fail to control the how process digitally; from issuing to revoking.

"As a foundation, we are very happy and it is an amazing distinction for us that DoxyChain provides our participants with certificates confirming participation in the program, in which modules in the field of new technologies have appeared since this year. We base the education of this year's edition participants on them . That is why we are very pleased that DoxyChain additionally supports us technologically and creates unique and authentic certificates of participation in TeenCrunch for our participants"  Mateusz Górecki, TeenCrunch CFO.

About TeenCrunch

A free acceleration program, which aims to help young people understand Web 3.0 technologies and further on implement them in order to create disruptive startups. TeenCrunch provide high quality, cross-generational education to the entrepreneurially brightest young (15-22yo) minds in Europe. Participants at the technology bootcamp workshop will learn about blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, tokens and NFT or AI.

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Nowadays, it is very difficult to check whether a document has been forged - the solution is blockchain technology. Thanks to TeenCrunch's cooperation with DoxyChain, participants will now receive blockchain based certificates confirming their participation in the program. The distributed nature of blockhcain and the ability to track every change or transaction made allows real-time verification. Anyone with access to the digital certificate can authenticate the information and source provided.

What are some of the other benefits?
  • Time for issuing and delivering is reduced by 75%.
  • With DoxyChain you can easily scale up activities by using API to automate their processes.
  • TeenCrunch can offer real verifiability to all their certificates.
  • All certificates are compliant, secure and valid certificates each time.
  • Improved user experience, cutting edge technology.
  • Eco-friendly; pocket-friendly. No prints, no delivery time.

Why DoxyChain?

We are a one-stop-shop for certificates. Our platform uses blockchain technology making certificates immutable and tamper-proof. Easy onboarding, fully customizable templates, easily revoke or verify any of the certificates and automate with API at scale.

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