Why ESG Certification Requires Enhanced Security?

Learn why ESG certificates must be secured.
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Why ESG Certification Requires Enhanced Security?

The certificates issued by auditing bodies that assess carbon footprint are the final, yet crucial, element of the entire ESG impact assessment process. These certificates received by companies are important. They might, for instance, be presented to business partners, serve as a factor in reducing margins when seeking financing or be used to distinguish firms from the competition or showcase their values.

Irrespective of the motivation for issuance, one is clear - these certificates should be trusted and unquestionable. Otherwise, the counterfeit and vulnerability would jeopardize the credibility and the whole idea of the entire process. For this reason, it is necessary to properly secure the certificates as well as every stakeholder, including issuing/auditor companies, clients and any third party in the whole chain. Therefore, there is a clear need for a system that enables secure issuing and easy authenticity verification of these documents.

How is this still acceptable that all the efforts of companies striving for net-zero emissions and caring for the environment may be undermined by a lack of trust in the certification system? This should not even be an option!

At DoxyChain, we are working on various directions related to certification, however, we particularly feel compelled to support ESG initiatives. As we strongly believe in the impact and the mission of taking care of a better tomorrow for our environment, we put an exceptional focus on this space. We want to particularly reward and protect those who genuinely care for our planet, for us, and for the future generations.

Why is DoxyChain the Perfect Fit for ESG Certifications?

Tamper-Proof Certificates

Even the slightest tampering will be detected through the applied cryptography, ensuring the authenticity and integrity of the certificate.

Certificate Revocation or Suspension

In cases where a client fails to adhere to established standards, the DoxyChain system allows for certificate revocation or suspension in real time.

Automatic Certificate Expiry

The ability to set a preset expiration date for the certificate, after which the client or partner will need to request a renewal of validity.

Auditors and Certificate Holders Participation

Complete flexibility in involving business partners or other stakeholders in various roles, ensuring a transparent and collaborative process.

Various Files Attachments

Audit results in any extension can be attached as an annex to the certificate.

One Place for the Entire Certificate Lifecycle

DoxyChain ensures cohesive and comprehensive certificate management from issuing to storing the files via its one-stop shop platform.

We are aware of the responsibility we bear in supporting companies that are fighting for a better environment and the future of our planet. We encourage entities that want to stand out and ensure the security of their certificates to collaborate with us.

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