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Envirly Leverages DoxyChain Certificate Solution

DoxyChain takes carbon management software Envirly one step further with blockchain certificates automation.
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DoxyChain & Envirly

DoxyChain takes carbon management software envirly one step further with blockchain certificates automation.

Envirly was facing a challenge issuing certificates for their users. The process was manual, unstructured, time-consuming and the certificates were easily forgeable. Envirly struggled to maintain the certificates lifecycle from issuance, validity, traceability to verifiability; and prove their clients that they were in compliance with ESG requirements.

"Thanks to DoxyChain we have full traceability of the lifecycle of issued certificates. DoxyChain allows us to issue certificates that are immutable, proving that our clients comply with ESG requirements.DoxyChain is a game-changer forus.” Weronika Czaplewska, co-founder Envirly

About envirly

Envirly specializes in supporting organizations manage their carbon footprint by measuring analyzing, simulating, and setting carbon reduction targets following the international standard GHG Protocol.

Envirly - zarządzanie śladem węglowym


With DoxyChain's easy-to-use platform security and automation are all taken care of. Envirly is now able to create forge-proof certificates and avoid 100% of fraud and counterfeits. DoxyChain has greatly improved the certificate management process for Envirly and offers a straightforward path for the future of ESG certificates.

What are some of the other benefits?
  • Envirly has been able to reduce issuing time by 80%.
  • With DoxyChain Envirly can easily scale up activities by using API to automate their processes.
  • Envirly can now offer real traceability to their users.
  • Envirly now offer compliant, secure and valid certificates each time.
  • DoxyChain has improved Envirly's reputation and credibility in the ESG reporting and audit industry.
  • Eco-friendly; pocket-friendly. No prints, no delivery time.
  • Doxychain encourages Envirly’s clients to be more serious about their ESG responsibilities.

Why DoxyChain?

We are a one-stop-shop for certificates. Our platform uses blockchain technology making certificates immutable and tamper-proof. Envirly's success story with DoxyChain is a clear indication of how companies in theESG reporting and audit industry can benefit from adoptingDoxyChain's solution.

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