Making signing about privacy

Create legally binding contracts empowered by blockchain.

Transform your business agreements, contracts or any document you need signed with our eSign solution. Level up on security and privacy with a blockchain powered platform.

*Compliant with eIDAS regulation, the Durable Medium Directive, GDPR etc.

The differences between a blockchain-based eSignature solution and a non-blockchain solution is the level of security and trust that is provided. Blockchain technology uses a decentralized, distributed ledger to securely record transactions and data.

We’re the unhackable alternative to companies like Docusign, Pandadoc, HelloSign and other web2 solutions that store your data on their centralized cloud. Step into the future, choose DoxyChain eSign and make your documents secure and private, for real.

We offer a blockchain based legally valid electronic signature solution that is 100% compliant with all major e-signature laws: eIDAS regulation, the Durable Medium Directive, GDPR etc.

Our signatures can be self-verified against the Blockchain at any time, without needing any additional information from us.


We bring smart to contracts

Start signing your: contracts, applications, offer letters, sales contracts, real estate contracts, permission slips, rental/lease agreements, liability waivers, HR contracts, financial documents and anything else that requires a signature.

eSign: Traceable and verifiable with DoxyChain Explorer

Check out how the DoxyChain Explorer works.

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