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Impactful and innovative. Stem4Cells partners with DoxyChain to secure clinical data.

We are excited to announce a partnership with an impact company Stem4Cells.
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Impactful and innovative. Stem4Cells partners with DoxyChain to secure clinical data.

Stem4Cells is an impactful company revolutionizing stem cell therapy for dogs. This project serves as the solution for the lack of effective therapeutic alternatives to Osteoarthritis treatments! Stem4Cells is on a mission to heal millions of dogs, taking a significant EU market share. To protect all the involved parties (especially, dog owners) and assure the clinical data integrity, Stem4Cells partnered with DoxyChain.

The medical concept of stem cell therapy might seem confusing at first but it's essentially a regenerative treatment. Stem cells are primitive cells with the ability to reduce inflammation, fight apoptosis (death cells), differentiate into multiple tissues and self-replicate. The dose comes from a stem cell bank based on the (universal) material from several donor dogs and after application leads to significant clinical improvement with no side effects.

Partnership with DoxyChain

After numerous successful pilots, in-depth research and clinical trials, Stem4Cells is on the way to launching! The profoundly experienced founders not only took care of the revolutionary product but also thought about protecting the supply chain and enhancing their patients' experience.

Given (1) the importance of the product origin and lifecycle (as it directly impacts the health of dogs); and (2) the involvement of multiple stakeholders before the medicine is injected, Stem4Cells decided to opt for an innovative way of sample documentation and clinical data safeguarding. Each actor along the supply chain, including the end point (the doctor), will write down each action (transaction) in an immutable database, in this case, the DoxyChain blockchain. This process can be called blockchain notarization, as every step is recorded, signed or confirmed with a respective party, sealed with a timestamp and can’t be changed.  

The end user, the dog owner, can easily use their smartphone camera to scan the QR code, gaining real-time access to all details about the medicine. This approach promotes indisputable trust and security throughout the entire process. Pet owners find assurance in the integrity of the product as no data can be falsified or altered over time. The above positions Stem4Cells as an innovative leader and a new-generation medical player that meets market requirements.

At DoxyChain, we value impact projects as well as knowledgeable and technologically aware teams, and we are thrilled to support Stem4Cells in its noble mission.

If your company is looking to secure digital certificates, credentials or notarize any data, we encourage you to explore our DoxyChain solution at

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